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Koxinga vs. the Dutch on Formosa: a book from 1675

This title doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue: ‘t Verwaerloosde Formosa, of waerachtig verhael, hoedanigh door verwaerloosinge der Nederlanders in Oost-Indien, het eylant Formosa, van den Chinesen mandorijn, ende zeeroover Coxinja, overrompelt, vermeestert, ende ontweldight is geworden…. So Camphor Press probably won’t be reprinting it a new English edition. But even so — and even […]

Linda Gail Arrigo to speak at SOAS

Dr. Linda Gail Arrigo, author of A Borrowed Voice: Taiwan Human Rights through International Networks, 1960-1980 (forthcoming from Camphor Press) will be lecturing this Friday in London on “The Social Origins of the Taiwan Democratic Movement: The Making of Formosa Magazine.” For details, see the announcement by SOAS’s Centre of Taiwan Studies.