Peking Dust

China's Capital During World War I

by Ellen La Motte

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    A hundred years ago few places on Earth were as captivating a destination as Peking. When American Ellen La Motte resided in the city in 1916–1917, she was smitten: “if you have ever stayed here long enough to fall under the charm and interest of this splendid barbaric capital […] all other parts of China seem dull and second rate.”

    During La Motte’s residence in Peking, she was witness to the wonderful mix of the medieval and modern – motorcars jostling with rickshaws and camel caravans in the narrow streets – and to the convulsions of great political change. The end of imperial dynastic rule in 1911 had ushered in a new uncertain republican era. First World War politics loomed large, too, with the various powers intriguing to have neutral China choose their side.

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