Through Formosa

An Account of Japan's Island Colony

by Owen Rutter

E-Book US$2.99

Through Formosa gives us a rare look at Taiwan midway through the period of Japanese rule (1895–1945) when it was largely off-limits to tourists. Englishman Owen Rutter praises Japan’s many achievements in developing the island but criticizes the forced assimilation of the aborigines.

This Camphor Press edition has a new introduction, situating the book firmly in its era and environment. Extensive notes have also been added to explain place names and unfamiliar terms.

The authorities’ gave Rutter a carefully arranged schedule to show the colony at its best. It was often a case of trying too hard though, with sometimes-comical results. Rutter’s politely condescending descriptions, especially of the exotic lodgings and food, also make for fun reading.

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