Welcome Home, Master

Covering East Asia in the Twilight of Old Media

by J.D. Adams

E-Book US$5.99

What’s it like covering East Asia as a foreign correspondent? In Welcome Home, Master, American journalist Jonathan Adams reveals the gritty reality of reporting from the world’s most dynamic region. After working as a Newsweek stringer and Taipei Times “copy-monkey,” he made the leap to full-time freelancer, choosing fascinating but underreported Taiwan as his base. We track down Catholic vigilantes in a violent corner of Mindanao, experience the frenzied build-up to the Beijing Olympics, chase serious stories on algae blooms and labor relations, and pay the bills with clickbait stories on Japanese maid cafes and penis festivals.

Welcome Home, Master is an honest, funny, and revealing behind-the-scenes look at foreign reporting. Part-travelogue, part Asian journalism primer, the book explains why Adams loved the job and why he ultimately left it.

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