Publishing with Camphor Press

Are you writing a book centered on East Asia? Camphor Press is interested in hearing from authors looking for a specialist publisher in the region.

What we offer

We are a small, independent publisher. We release a new book every few months, and producing quality books is the core reason we started Camphor Press. This means we are highly selective about the book projects we choose to take on.

What we are looking for?

Both non-fiction and fiction with a central theme of East Asia. We specialize in Taiwan and China, but we’re also interested in books about other countries in the wider region.

In order for us to consider your submission, you will need to have at minimum a summary of the book’s theme, a chapter list with brief summaries, and 10% of the book already completed. If we like what we see (and get a unanimous decision among the three founders), we’ll talk to you about taking it forward.

Still interested?

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